• P-Touch



    Almost everyone in the paranormal community has heard of the 'flashlight test'.  While this practice can yield some interesting results, there are many physical variables that can leave people questioning results.  Humidity, metal expansion/contraction, hot connections (warming metal causing an electrical arc), and other conditions can lead to weak conclusions.  We have taken out the variables by creating our P-Touch!!!  Simply place the P-Touch on any flat surface, turn it on and interact with the spirits to turn the red light off or on.  It's that simple!!

    -  We use not one but TWO vibration detectors to trigger the unit.

    -  We have incorporated our popular Negative Static Detector into the unit to provide additional confirmation of paranormal activity.

    -  10mm LEDs are used to provide a bright light that is not only easily seen by investigators but cameras as well.

    -  The P-Touch utilizes two separate circuits should you wish to use the Negative Static Detector or the P-Touch separately.

    -  Because of the high vibration sensitivity, the P-Touch can be used as a geophone if desired.

    -  It's like having 3 devices wrapped up in one package!!

    -  Unit runs on two 9 volt batteries (not included)