• K-II Conversion Special Edition


    We've added a new K-II conversion to our product family!

    This unit comes with all the same features found on our regular conversion such as:

    Digital/analog back lit temperature meter

    Three 8 mm trail lights ( your choice of red or infrared) 

    Audible tone with mute feature

    New features include:

    Skull wrap on the face of the meter

    Redesigned switches and indicator lights

    Recessed tone unit

    We've even added two infrared trail lights to the front of the meter!!

    In order to get this conversion you will need to ship us a standard KII meter. Please complete the following instructions:

         1.  Place an order in our store for the conversion

         2.    Make sure you select the color option for your trail lights. If you don't select one of the options, we will install red lights.

         3.     When we receive your order, we will send you an address where to ship you K-II meter.

         4.     Upon receipt of your K-II meter, we will perform the upgrades. We will then ship back your new meter. 

    Please note: We cannot convert "older" style K-II meters. Your K-II meter must have a functioning on/off switch (not the kind where a coin is inserted into the switch).