• Blazer 20 Infrared Light


      We've taken infrared lighting to a new level!!

     20 watts of computer controller infrared lighting!!

      We are giving you the opportunity to customize your light for your needs!!!

      Look at these features:

    -  Compact size.

    -  Additional heat sinks added for better cooling.

    -  The light comes with both cold shoe AND sport camera mounts.

    -  Runs on 3 18650 batteries (Orbtronic 18650 rechargeable batteries included as well as a Nitecore Intelli-charger). 

    -  We are also giving you the opportunity to select the projection angle of the lenses for the light. Scroll thru the options to choose the lenses you would like to use on your light.  We have provided pictures of the lenses in operation in the picture gallery.