• 360 Bionic Puck

    The 360 Bionic Puck Microphone is the same as the 360 Bionic Pod but smaller and more compact.  It also has the same very sensitive bionic sound technology dual microphone system built in.  It works great for paranormal investigations as it can hear everything! It can hear anything from tiny noises to distant sounds from other rooms in a 360 pattern.It also has audible EMF Hot Spot detection as well as detection of cell interference.


    Bionic Puck Microphone

    1/4-20 tripod mount

    1/4-20 screw top

    6" mini stereo cable

    Aluminum tripod mount


    Super Bionic Microphones (2) - 70% more sensitive

    L.I.T.E. -  Sound sensing LED light with on/off switch (4 LEDS)

    Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery