• Spirit Speaker model #1


    This is a new design in spirit communication enhancer built by David Caltrider of Manchester Paranormal Society. It works with " Hacked Radios”, PSB-7, PSB-11 and ITC apps on your smart phone or tablet. The Spirit Speaker is a lightweight self-contained device. Meaning No big bulky pedals hanging from it. It has fully adjustable noise reduction to eliminate the annoying scratchy static of the radio as well as a fully adjustable reverb to help enhance the Spirit voices.

     The Spirit Speaker is very comparable to other devices costing over $600.... So why not save over $400 and get one that is just as great as those other ones.

     The Spirit Speaker requires 2 9 Volt batteries (not included) for operation as well as a spirit box with a headphone jack or a smart phone or tablet.

     These are made when ordered. Shipping time is 2-3 weeks. All devices are shipped USPS Priority Mail.

     All Spirit Speakers are bench tested and are shipped in good working condition.

    *** We do not guarantee spirit communication with these devices, they are experimental and results are not guaranteed ***