• P.I. Joe


    Here is the latest in paranormal investigation tools.  The P.I. Joe has very sensitive bionic and low noise microphone system built inside the dolls ears.  Each microphone provides 360 degree sound with 3D binaural technology simulating human hearing.  The system works great for paranormal investigations as it can hear everything from tiny noises to distant noises in other rooms. Once recorded, you can pinpoint the direction of the sound from playback on a Zoom H1 recorder (other recorders with mic/line input or live output can work). 

    The doll works well with the following digital recorders:

    - Zoom H1

    - Zoom H1n

    - Zoom F1

    - Tascam DRO5

    Note: this device may not work with other untested recorders or sound systems and may require a pre-amp plug in.


    - Mini Stereo 3.5mm plug

    - Sensitivity : -62 db

    - Frequency range : 20- 20,000Hrz

    - S/N ratio: more than 38db

    - low noise

    You can purchase different outfits for these dolls at any store that sells 18" doll clothes.