• Hard Core Rig - IR Standard


    The Hard Core Rig IR Standard is our  most popular rig and one of the industry standards in investigation vests. It comes with our Black Panther 6 infrared array.  Use this rig with any converted infrared or full spectrum camera.

    The vest is ergonomically comfortable and fits most body sizes.  It has an adjustable center push/pull latch waist plate for accurate placement on your hips. The Velcro straps and buckles make for a snug fit. The Rig comes with a 6 array Black Panther 850 nm infrared illuminator, two shoulder mounts, 50,000mAH battery, carrying case, and our famous Path Light!

    Additional Features

    - Powder coated aluminum front plates

    - Comfortable padded inner lining (washable)

    - Adjustable lower section for hip alignment

    - Durable and comfortable waist belt

    *Make sure to choose the proper size vest.  Do NOT rely on pant sizes.  Take your measurement at the level of your belly-button

    Orders can take 3 to 4 weeks

    TSA requires all high powered batteries (in excess of 100Wh) to be stored in your carry on.  It is also recommended to check with the airline prior to your flight.