• Hard Core Rig -IR Scout


    The Hard Core Rig Scout vest is ideal for those on a budget or want to start out with a lighter vest then add on as you go.  It also frees up chest space for other ideas. The Scout is slightly lighter than our other models and great for getting around in smaller areas.  The vest is ergonomically comfortable and fits most size people.  it has an adjustable center push/pull latch plate for accurate placement on your hips.  It comes with Velcro straps and buckles for a snug fit.  Each vest comes with a Black Panther 4 light infrared illuminator and mounting hardware, two shoulder mounts, a 50,000mAh rechargeable battery, carrying case, and our famous Pathlight!

    Additional features

    - Powered coated aluminum front plates

    - Comfortable padded inner lining (washable) 

    - Adjustable lower section for hip alignment

    - Comfortable and durable waist belt

    * Make sure to choose the proper size vest.  Do NOT rely on pant sizes.  Take your measurement at the level of your belly-button.

    * Vests require 3-4 weeks for delivery

    * TSA requires all high powered batteries (in excess of 100Wh) to be stored in your carry on bag.  It is also recommended to check with the airline prior to your flight.