• 360 Bionic Pod 3.0


    The 360 Bionic Puck operates with a very sensitive Bionic microphone system. Each of the two microphones provides 360 degrees of audio coverage using 3D binaural technology simulating human hearing. The Bionic puck system is designed to hear everything from the tiniest  to distant noises throughout the area being investigated in a 360 degree pattern. Once recorded, you can pinpoint the direction of the sound via playback using headphones.  The microphone has dual 1/4" x 20 mounts (top and bottom) for easy camera or microphone connections.

    Price includes:

    Bionic Pod Microphones

    1/4-20 tripod mount

    1/4-20 top mount

    12 inch mini stereo cable

     Mini tripod

    1/4-20 mini ball head with 360 degree rotation


    L.I.T.E. - Sound sensing LED lights with on/off power switch. Requires one 9 volt battery (not included)

    PHANTOM MICROPHONES - Phantom microphones are extremely sensitive for hearing the maximum sounds during an investigation. These microphones there is no need to enhance during post investigation reviews. These microphones require 1 nine volt battery (not included). Caution should be used when setting the volume control while wearing headphones! Requires one 9 volt battery (not included)

    ** If using both the L.I.T.E. feature and the Phantom microphones only one 9 volt battery is required 

    Cameras not included
    Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery